How is Taylortown Reception Hall adapting to COVID-19?

Everyone and every business has been significantly affected by COVID-19. So, our goal is the health and safety of our patrons while still providing the same care and quality expected. For more information about our COVID-19 policies, visit the link on our website homepage.

I love the look of everything about the venue online, so what do I do to see it in person?

We love showing off our beautiful venue property! All showings are done by appointment only, Monday through Thursday (excluding holidays), which is scheduled by phone or email.

Can I rent the building for just a few hours?

No. Regardless of how long or short your event is, Hall rental will be for the entire day (6:30am to 11:30pm) and the rental rate is the same.

How many guests will the venue accommodate?

As per fire codes, maximum capacity for the Hall and Gazebo Garden is 125. This number is strictly enforced.

Are tables and chairs included in the rental?

Yes. There are enough provided tables and chairs for 125 guests. Our current table inventory includes the following:

(1) 4 ft., (2) 16ft., (1) 14ft., (5) 5ft. Rounds, (2) Bistro Top

Can the included tables and chairs be used for an outside ceremony and or reception?

No. Provided tables and chairs are for indoor use only. Renter will need to procure additional tables and chairs, at their expense, for outdoor use.

Do I have to use a certain catering service or alcohol vendor?

No. The choice is all yours. However, all alcohol served must be done so by a licensed bartending service.

Can I just rent the Gazebo Gardens and not the Hall?

Yes. The Gazebo Gardens and the Hall can be rented singularly and separately from each other.

Do you rent table linens or any other event rental items?

No, we do not. Please visit our Preferred Vendors page for suggestions.

Is there an additional cost to have my bridals or engagement photos taken at Taylortown?

No, if you have a current, PAID IN FULL booking, there is not an additional cost and are accommodated Monday through Thursday only (excluding holidays). However, if you are not booked with us, there is a fee of $600 for a one to four hour shoot or $1,200 for a five to eight hour shoot. All photo shoots are by appointment only and booked on our website. Payment in full is required at the time of booking.

How much does it cost to rent Taylortown Reception Hall for my special event?

  • Main Hall – $1300.00
  • Gazebo – $500.00
  • Main Hall & Gazebo – $1800.00
  • Security Deposit – $250.00

Is smoking allowed on the premises?

No. Smoking is not allowed inside the Hall. There are, however, designated smoking receptacles outside of the building. Failure to utilize provided receptacles could result in forfeiture of security deposit for excessive cigarette/cigar refuse left on the grounds following event.

Is there parking provided?

Yes. There is complimentary parking for up to 80 vehicles. Complimentary parking will accommodate up to 75 vehicles. Additional vehicles will require usage of Taylortown Reception Hall valets at an additional cost.

What happens if it rains on the day I have the Gazebo Gardens and the Hall booked?

If renter has booked the Hall as well, the event can be moved to the Hall. In order to receive a full refund for the Gazebo Garden rental portion, it is solely the renter’s responsibility to contact us 7 days prior to the event day to cancel, if there is inclement weather in the forecast. Notification of cancellation less than 7 days before Gazebo Garden event will result in forfeiture of all rental fees.

How do I ensure I am refunded my full security deposit?

A full refund is guaranteed when a renter and their guests adhere to all outlined policies, terms and conditions. Any violation will result in forfeiture of entire security deposit.

When will I receive my security deposit?

The security deposit will be refunded within three to five business days via method of original transaction.

What happens if I only rented the Gazebo Gardens and inclement weather is predicted or happens on the day of my event?

If your outdoor event at Taylortown Reception Hall Gazebo Gardens is affected by inclement weather, the following policies will be implemented:

  • If the Reception Hall was also included in your reservation, then your event will be moved to the Hall.
  • If you did not reserve the Hall, only the Gazebo Gardens, then you may book the Hall, if available, and payment in full is due BEFORE your event can be moved indoors.
  • You will have the option to reschedule your event for another available date; however, it is still your responsibility to reschedule with your contracted vendors for the new date.
  • If you do not have the flexibility to reschedule the date of your event, then your original contract will be cancelled without refund of any deposit or final payments.

How many times may I see the venue after booking for measurements, brainstorming or to bring others in my party to view?

Up to three, one hour “showings” are included in a paid reservation. Additional showings after the included three are assessed a fee of $50 each due at time of showing. Showings will last no more than one hour, therefore, timeliness and is appreciated. Allotted showings may not be combined.

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